About us

Shade and Fire theatre "Fireter" is a project representing different kinds of fire show, stilts show, fire performance, stilts performance, jumping stilts, fire juggling, fire installations, living statues, original advertising and other capturing shows. The main goal of the "Fireter" team is to change the typical view of performances, theatre shows and even advertisement. We are trying to break well-known boundaries between audience, stage and actors by inventing new ways of representing our ideas and also by choosing specific and innovative places to stage our shows or even advertisements.

fireterFire world "Fireter" invites the audience to become a part of the fire world, magic lights and mystery shadows in their endless ability for transformation in different forms, faces, temper, sentiments, moods and spirits. Shade and fire theatre performances are an interline of fire dancing, poi, stilt-walkers, statues and other various types of experimental dance, lights show, paravan theatre, shadows and installations.

fireterAudience in the show The main importance for interaction and success of "Fireter" is the unique choice of the spaces where our performances, shows or advertisements come to life. Often, we are inspirited and challenged by the idea to make our show in places or spaces, which no one used before. "Fireter" makes this influence stronger by incorporating part of the performance in the audience and then all together the artists and the audience share the beauty and magic of the "Fireter" tale. Suddenly you become an artist and a part of "Fireter", and the shade and fire theatre become part of your happiness and smiles.


Our inspiration comes also with the new way of representing some well known tales, books or even the wisdom and sacred rituals of ancient civilizations. Shade and fire theatre always prefer to experiment in new directions, to combine different styles and movements, and to interpret a wide variety of themes. Choreography can be adapted for different commercial and theatre events. We pay attention to each event and place. "Fireter" always tries to get as close as possible to the audience. Shade and Fire Theatre performs at various corporate, promo events, musical, TV and movie productions, but we always prefer to take part in charity events, especially for children, whenever possible. The smile and love what they can give is the biggest satisfaction in our work. Our performance group often collaborates with a wide range of artists: designers, stage managers, musicians, visual managers and other performers from this and other worlds.