FIRETER & friends space

In February 2014, the theatre of fire and shadows - FIRETER was invited by Destructive creation to start a new collaborative project together with 14 other art organisations. The project involves the metamorphosis of an old 6 floor building into a center for alternative culture. Exhibit halls, ateliers and workshops have been set up on each floor of the centre. This makes Factory for City Art an unique center, which brings together under one roof a diverse art collective,making for a very special atmosphere and an unforgettable experience for each guest to the Factory.

The theatre of fire and shadows FIRETER has a 450 square meter fall, which underwent complete transformation during our first months here. Lastly, about 40 years ago, the hall was used as a storage space. FIRETER did a thorough cleaning, threw out old bottles and posters, redid the floor, put electricity and replaced broken windows. After 2 months of hard work and a lot of enthusiasm, the hall became usable. After the reconstruction, it started functioning as a space hosting exhibits from various authors.

The new space turned no less suitable for different performances, fire shows, festivals, spectacles, film and theatre productions. The hall welcomed many people and sparked even more smiles, filled itself with joy and laughter, which for us was the biggest happiness…